The Next Chapter….

Dear lovely readers of the past two months… all 350 of you (which is more than my mom, financial advisor, and 4-5 devoted extended family members) it is with mixed blessings that I am signing off on this awesome experiment in financial hot keyboard fire for a little while.

While some say finance is boring or hard to understand I beg to differ. Finance is the language of money. While money won’t solve all your problems, it certainly allows you to tackle them in sweet clothes and the comfort of leather car seats. I hope my blog helped inspire you to learn a little bit more about money.

Anyways, I have been blessed with a job opportunity at a brokerage and I’m spending my remaining few weeks getting as much surfing, golfing, and snacking in as possible before I have to buckle down and learn even more. Additionally, my new job requires a series of financial certifications that may put certain restrictions on how much hot financial fire I can spit.

Special thanks to:

Wilma Engel of Engel Consulting for being so supportive of my financial learning. Jon Sundt of Altegris for giving me the idea to start writing. Patrick “Tricky” McCuen of TD Ameritrade for talking finance between surfing and tacos. ACB for being ACB. Uncle Robby and Uncle Billy for the encouragement. Mark Zuckerberg’s mom for obvious reasons.

Until my next post (which may be soon as I was at an automation/robotics expo and saw some stuff that I want to write about…)


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